Digital Payment Solutions & Financial Services
to the Funeral Industry and Charites/nonprofits

Memdo brings donors and charities together. We develop innovative payment solutions and offer financial services to the funeral industry.

Memdo AS was established in 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Memcare (offering digital solutions to the funeral industry in several markets).

Memdo offers funeral homes and charities innovative digital payment solutions for donations, credit/delayed payment solutions for the bereaved and invoicing and debt collection services for funeral homes.

Memdo's services are offered to Memcare’s funeral home clients and are integrated into their digital solutions. In addition, Memdo offers our services to other similar players in the market.

Memdo is proud to be a part of Memcare.Taking the leading position for digital services when a loved one is lost.

The business areas of Memdo


Memdo brings donors and charities together, helping nonprofits raise money easily using digital payment solutions.


Simple and flexible payment solutions, giving extended payment times for families who have lost their loved ones.

Invoicing & debt collection

Memdo takes care of payments for funeral homes, so that they can focus on core business.

Memdo helps increase customer satisfaction and sales volume

Memdo bring donors and charities together. We make it easy for relatives who have lost their loved ones, friends and family to donate money / memorial gifts to a charity or nonprofits organization.
Memdo's solution is integrated on memorial pages, via Memcare’s notification service or directly on the website of the funeral home.

Memdo reports donations to proper authorities for the donor to receive tax benefits in countries where this applies.

Memdo collaborates directly with charities and our goal is helping nonprofits raise money easily using innovative digital payment solutions.

Memdo knows how valuable a satisfied customer is. With Memdo’s Credit solution, funeral homes can offer simple and flexible payment methods and longer payment times to families who has lost their loved ones. Memdo takes care of the rest.

The credit solution is offered in collaboration with selected financial service companies in Europe.

Invoicing & debt collection
Memdo takes care of the risk and securing payments for your funeral home. Memdo can also buy all or parts of your debts.

Memdo ensures professional customer attendance and leaves the funeral home time to focus on its core business. We send out invoices in agreed layout, frequency and format, based on data from the funeral home's financial or CRM system (in most cases integrated with the operating system of Memcare).

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